Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday 11.25.09

by Dave

After a huge breakfast with the Knott Clan, Jules and I hit the road... first stop (after stopped a million times to take pictures of signs, tractors, and cars) in Clarksville and Murfreesboro was the Bell Buckle Cafe in Bell Buckle, TN. Home of the Bell Witch, Bell Caves and the Webb School.

The food was awesome, I had meatloaf, fried okra and cheesy potatoes. Then a cup of coffee and another fill up and off to Wartrace and the final destination... Raccoon Mountain and Lot 25.

Before we could get there, I was profiled and pulled over by one of Decherd, TN's finest. A lad of 22 at best who claimed not to be able find my registration on the computer.... this after he slowed down to get behind me and run my tag. If I had actually been amused, I would have asked for a picture. But I was cold, tired, violated and ready to get back on the road!


  1. (by julie)
    I told David five times that it's not the home of the Bell witch, but I always thought it was when I was a kid. Now he is as confused as I am! I think the Bell Witch actually lives in Clarksville? Help, Tennessee folks - clarify please!

  2. (by Julie)
    Okay, my mom cleared it up - the Bell Witch is from Adams, Tennessee.
    Bellbuckle is a lovely city with no witches we are aware of... and a really nice private school.