Sunday, June 6, 2010

4 1/2 Street Inn, Highlands, North Carolina

We returned to Highlands, North Carolina to check on the new site for David's paintings - at The Smokehouse Restaurant in Highlands. (Find the restaurant on Facebook, and be sure to eat there if possible - it's an excellent bbq restaurant.)
We lucked into finding the 4 1/2 Street Inn and our new friends Rick and Helene Siegel. Their home was so beautiful and inspiring that David whipped out three plein air pieces from their yard (see David's art blog). If you are ever in Highlands, be sure to stay with them. The room rates include evening hors d'oeuvres and wine, full gourmet breakfast, a quiet and lovely room, and a relaxing atmosphere. (David would also want me to include the part about free cookies...) You also have complimentary use of their bicycles, which was a great way to work off the coconut cake we had at lunch (at Wild Thymes) while biking up to Sunset Rock... Whew. The house is 100 years old, having been built around 1910, and operated in the early 20th century as the Fairview Inn. Rick and Helene have lived in and managed the bed and breakfast for about 14 years. See pictures below of their home, our room and bathr
oom, and their beautiful flowers.
We ventured out from Highlands into the Ellicut
(?) Forrest... to be honest, we have no idea where we were, it was slightly disconcerting because it was so remote... Lots of time on gravel roads without cell service... But we saw some beautiful waterfalls and mountain views. We also saw some locals, who stared at us without a socially appropriate response (wave, smile, nothing...) so we decided to make our way back to the warmth of the Inn. However, if you ever live in the middle of nowhere and give someone directions to your house that include "turn left at the fork in the road", you should consider finding a giant fork to attach to a tree, such as these characters did (see below). Very funny.
We can't wait to get back to Highlands. What a great time.